How do I generate a pharma blister layout?

To generate a pharma blister layout, you will need specialized software that is specifically designed for designing blister packaging.

Such software can be used to create 2D or 3D designs of the blister pack, including the size and shape of the blister cavities, the layout of the product within the cavities, and the overall design of the backing card or other packaging materials.

You will also need to have information about the product such as dimensions, weight, and any specific packaging requirements such as light, moisture protection or child-resistance features.

There are several software programs available on the market that can be used to create blister packaging designs, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk inventor, and Solidworks, as well as specialized blister packaging software such as blister generator.

You can also contract with a specialized company that provides blister packaging design services such as They will have the software, expertise, and experience to create a blister layout that meets your product requirements and industry standards.

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